Understanding in detail Advcash Casinos and the Payment Platform

We understand how important secure and instant paying casinos like Advcash casinos matter to most online casino gamers. So, we went ahead and prowled for the best financial solution for your casino related issues and Advcash was among the best choice. We took into consideration how secure, quick and easy to use these systems are that available for Canadian players as well as the acceptable online casinos. Just like most e-Wallets, you can easily upload funds and has a very fast KYC process.

So, here at casinolist.bet are going to explore more on the features of this payment method. We also looked at the legalities, regions that this method covers, as well as the best tips for using this payment method. To enjoy a seamless casino experience, you need a good payment solution for both your deposits and payout options. Available in quite a number of casinos, Canadian players can easily fund their accounts to play their games of choice. They can also withdraw at any time they like.

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Advcash  reviewed – summary

With Advcash, Canadian players get to enjoy a plethora of advantages for using this payment platform. We are going to look into some of them, as well, we will look into the disadvantages. Finally, we will explore the regions within Canada that you can enjoy top online casinos or download casinos with this payment method.

Advantages of Advcash

Without a doubt, the advantages that come with using Advcash to fund your casino and making withdrawals with it are very many. Below, we will see why you should use Advcash.

  • Fast and reliable– Advcash is an instant payment solution to your casino related deposits and withdrawals. Casino players receive instant funds to their casino account. Withdrawals are also processed faster according to respective casino T&Cs.
  • Allows cryptocurrencies – Users that own crypto coins like Bitcoin can easily fund their casino accounts since Advcash accepts coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium, and stellar, just to name a few.
  • Fast KYC process- Unlike most wallets, Advcash verification is fast and almost instantaneous, and you are ready to go.
  • Free transfers– It is always free to send money to other Advcash accounts. So you can transfer your winnings to family or friends as well as buy from other merchants all for free.

Disadvantages of Advcash

There are a few setbacks that we at casinolist.bet thought you might encounter while using this payment method. Though not many, they include;

  • Expensive to top up: Funding your Advcash account is slightly higher than other wallets. But they compensate for this with free transfers within the platform.
  • Lacks dedicated mobile app: One disappointing fact that comes with Advcash is that they lack a dedicated mobile app. If they had an app, users could directly use it without logging in with a mobile browser. However, the web interface is fast and responsive, which makes it easy to use.

Availability of Advcash in Canada

Canadian players that enjoy online gambling can use Advcash whenever they wish to fund their accounts and play their games of choice. And when it comes to legalities, Canadians are free to use this platform to fund their casino balances as fast and secure as possible. With the wide list of casinos that accept Advcash, you can be sure to enjoy a fun gambling experience with the assurance of payment of all your winnings.  

We will also go through some of the features we believe are among the industry-leading. These features are why we advise Canadian players to opt for Advcash casinos.

Features of Advcash casinos

Advcash packs very impressive features that would benefit most Canadian players. It has one of the industry-leading technologies and security strategies that would benefit any Canadian casino player in 2020. These features include instant withdrawals times and zero fees within the platform’s account holders. They also include high privacy levels and a unique mobile experience.

All these features are facilitated to ensure that you have an easy time at any Advcash casinos within Canada or any specific province you live in.

Withdrawing funds from casinos with Advcash

So, once you have made your winnings from slots machines or any other casino games, just select Advcash as your selected withdrawal method and then confirm the withdrawal. Advcash offers an instant withdrawal time-frame when you wish to withdraw all your winnings from all Advcash casinos.  Also, depending on your preferred fiat currency or cryptocurrency, you can withdraw to your wallet.

Legality of Advcash in Canada

The use of Advcash casinos for all your casino-related issues are all legally accepted for use within Canada. So, Canadian players can play their favorite games with the assurance that they are within the law to use Advcash in their casino of choice.

The coverage of Advcash is limited only to Canadian players with existing accounts. Though, if you want to open an account with Advcash, you will not face any legal implications with the law.

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Advcash fees

Using Advcash as your preferred method of payment has both its advantages and disadvantages. To begin with, it is free to open and maintain your account. Loading your account through funds transfer from another Advcash account is also free. These free transfers cater to any currency of choice, both for personal and business accounts. Funding your account with Visa / Mastercard / Mir cards attracts a 3%-3.5% of the amount you are depositing.  While uploading with cryptocurrencies, you are charged according to internal exchange rates. Though, uploading funds to your Advcash casino is always free!

Minimum Deposit/Maximum withdrawal amounts

Advcash offers Canadian gamblers with a secure payment solution for their casino experiences. The minimum threshold required to deposit in a casino online ranges from $1 being the lease and $20 being the highest. Also, according to the T&Cs of different casinos, the least amount you can withdraw is $10 with no limit to the winnings you make on the online casino.  Winnings that might exceed $2,000 might be subjected to separate withdrawals. Though this still depends on the rights reserved for the casinos regarding the Advcash payment solution.

Speed of deposits/withdrawals with Advcash

Depositing funds to your casino accounts is made easy by Advcash. Deposits with Advcash happen in real-time and are always instant to reflect on your account. This ensures that you get to enjoy your games of choice right away. Considering that there are no deposit fees to most online Canadian casinos, this deposit method is really ideal.

When it comes to withdrawals of funds from your casino account, the T&Cs of the casino matter a lot. Some casinos make the withdrawal instant, while others might keep the funds on hold for two business days. 

Privacy of Advcash

Canadian online gamblers can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that Advcash employs strict privacy measures.  This is all in a bid to protect their customers’ privacy. From once you verify your identity with Advcash, all your personal information is kept safe. Rest assured that no third parties will have any of your personal information from them.

Depending on your currency of choice, once you upload or withdraw funds from your online casino, you have a very small paper trail. This is especially perfect for gamblers that want to have very minimal paper trails in relating to online casinos.

Security and Safety related with Advcash

Advcash offers online casino gamers several ways in which they can protect their funds and enjoy playing at their Advcash casino of choice as they wish.  To do this, they offer the following ways to ensure that no one can access your account.

  • Two-factor authentication: Where once you key in the password, a code will be prompted to your phone that you will need to access the account.
  • Payment password: To ensure that you are secure, all payments made, a prompt will be made to your email or phone for confirmation.

Mobile experience with Advcash

Advcash has a very appealing mobile web interface that is compatible with any mobile device. Whether you are using android, IOS, windows, or blackberry, you will enjoy a very responsive site. The site enables uploading of funds or withdrawals to your Advcash casino of choice. Though on the downside, this payment method lacks a dedicated mobile app that could be able to pay by phone and ease the user experience on mobile.

So, for new casino players looking for a legit and secure payment platform for all your casino issues, we at casinolist.bet went further and deduced this payment method for you. Let’s look at what information you, as a novice, might find extremely helpful.

Information for Beginners: What you need to know about Advcash

Trying out a new payment method can be a daunting task for most beginners. This is why this guide will discuss, in detail, every bit of information that a new Advcash user needs to use the platform as their main payment method on casinos that accept Advcash. This includes how to deposit, withdraw, and handle a wide range of Advcash transactions. As a platform that is optimized for convenience, Advcash is very beginner-friendly.

What is Advcash?

Advcash is an established and safe online e-commerce platform. It works as an e-wallet. E-wallets are online platforms that you can deposit funds in through various methods like credit/debit cards and wire transfers. Once you have funds in your Advcash account, you can use it to transact on various online e-commerce platforms. They may include online casinos. Advcash has partnered with some payment methods that allow users to deposit and withdraw from their accounts at their choice. As a global brand, it also allows you to transact in numerous global currencies, including major cryptocurrencies.

Depositing with Advcash: A step by step guide

When playing on online casinos that accept the Advcash payment method, depositing money is a quick and simple process. This way you can play any of video slots, mobile casinos or real money baccarat.

  1. Create/ Register for an advcash account
  2. Verify your Advcash Account
  3. Fund your Advcash account from major credit cards, bank wire transfers or cryptocurrencies
  4. Link your account in the online casino profile as your preferred payment method
  5. Go to your preferred Advcash casino and select Advcash as your deposit method.

Most casinos will have clear instructions on how to deposit funds on your account and play so that you can play at any of Advcash real money casinos. It is also important to be on the lookout for any deposit bonus, cashback bonuses , reload bonuses or roller bonus that might be offered on your first and subsequent deposits.

Withdrawing with Advcash: A step by step guide

Withdrawing cash from online casinos is another simple process for Advcash users.

  1. As with depositing, you need to link your Advcash account and your online casino account
  2. Set Advcash as your preferred withdrawal method on your online casino profile
  3. Depending on the minimum allowed to withdraw,  Select the amount and click on withdraw.

With your winnings in your Advcash account, you can then withdraw them through your preferred payment method.

Other uses of Advcash

One of the benefits of being an Advcash user is the platform’s versatility. Apart from its primary function as an online casino payment platform, you can also use it to transfer funds to friends and family. It is particularly free if they are also members of the platform. Advcash can also be used to make other non-casino e-commerce payments and as a cryptocurrency exchange.

Available game offer for Advcash

Once you have loaded funds in your Advcash casino, you can play any casino games offered in that casino. So, the most important thing to do is to first identify a casino that has a wide selection of games and still compatible with Advcash. Once that is done, proceed to check out some of the offers and bonuses you would expect to accrue with this payment plan.

Available games

The good thing about most online casinos is that they don’t discriminate against players based on their preferred payment method.  So, expect to find all the games you would find loading with any other e-wallet or by direct transfer or Visa or MasterCard. Mostly, the games available will always be at the discretion of the game providers like Evolution gaming, Micro gaming, elk studios or pragmatic play that have collaborated with the casino. But some of the most common games you expect at any Advcash casino will include;

  • Online slots and real money slots
  • Video pokers
  • Live casinos
  • Real money Keno
  • Virtual games
  • Live games
  • live dealer
  • Real money bingo
  • Sport betting
  • Roulette
  • Scratch cards
  • Blackjack
  • Real money craps

All winnings made from these games are qualified to be withdrawn via Advcash. So, rest assured that our selected list of casinos will give you the gaming thrill you are looking for.

Advcash Related Bonuses

Many online casinos offer welcome bonus packages to their new clients. New casino players to any Advcash casino will enjoy these perks as any other member using a different payment method. It is important to note that these bonuses might be tied to a wagering requirement that you must meet to have the bonus money as the real money. Also, the bonuses require a minimum deposit amount at the disclosure of the casino and also are capped at a certain amount.

From time to time, our affiliate program at casinolist.bet has links or bonus codes to some Advcash casinos offer specific bonuses or even free spins to customers that deposit funds with the Advcash platform.

More information about the Advcash secure payment method

Every online casino player wants to make sure that they are working with a dependable and secure money transfer platform. Advcash’s reputation as a secure platform in casinos that accept the payment method is guaranteed by the global partners it has. Advcash works with VISA, Swift Transfers, and other leading services that only work with legitimate partners.

What you need to know about the company behind the popular Advcash casino payment system

The Advcash platform is owned and operated by the renowned online payment/transaction provider Advanced Cash Limited. Advanced Cash Limited is a company that has been a dominant force in the global online payment system industry for more than 20 years. Besides supporting the online casinos that accept Advcash, it also supports person-to-person transfers. It also supports payments to online vendors, and a safe cryptocurrency transfer platform.

The company has remained scandal-free during its two decades of operation. It is also growing year by year alongside the mainstream adoption of e-commerce. The company has a global presence that allows Advcash users to play virtually any popular online casino regardless of the currencies it supports. Advanced Cash Limited, and by extension Advcash, is all about convenience and safety for all its users, be it players or Live dealer casinos.   

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Alternatives to the Advcash Online Casino Payment System

A payment system is best compared to its peers to understand whether it compares favorably to its competitors. As Advcash is a global leader in the online casino industry, we chose to compare it to other popular payment methods. These methods include Skrill, PayPal, and Debit/Credit cards.

  • PayPal: is one of the biggest names in the e-commerce industry, a true pioneer in the safe processing of e-commerce transactions. In fact, most consider it to be the market leader. With a very secure transfer platform that scrutinizes all its users, it also allows refunds. But the problem with PayPal, when it comes to online casinos, is that it has limited availability and mostly USA casinos. There are very few paypal casinos accepted in Canada. 
  • Credit/Debit Cards: Cards like this will give you access to Visa casinos, MasterCard casinos, and American Express casinos. Their main advantage is that they are accepted widely and are very cheap to use. But it is always advisable for online players to keep their daily usage funds separate from their playing fund. That’s why Advcash is better for online gaming.
  • Skrill: Skrill is another trusted game that has been in the online casino transaction market for many years. While it offers some of the same benefits as Advcash in supporting multiple currencies and many gambling markets, its fees are much higher than Advcash. Additionally, Skrill casinos finds high usage in the United Kingdom and is limited due to the low coverage of skrill in Canada.
  • Cryptocurrencies : Bitcoin and other crypto coins have found their way in Canadian online casinos. With Bitcoin casinos, you directly deposit your BTC and get to play any of the casino games including real money blackjack, live roulette or real money roulette. You could also access ethereum casinos all across Canada

Advcash Comparison with other popular payment options

NameDeposit TimePayment TimeTop ProTop Con
AdvcashInstantInstantCustomized for online casino paymentsLong verification period
Wire Transferup to 4 daysup to 4 daysVery safeVery long processing times
SkrillInstantInstantEstablished and reliable platformPoor coverage in Canada
NetellerInstantInstantEstablished and reliable platformNot available in Canada
PayPalInstantup to 3 daysOne of the most secure platformsPoor Coverage in Canadian Online Casinos
Credit/Debit CardsInstantup to 5 daysWidely available and cheapOnly the top cards are accepted universally
CryptocurrencyInstantup to 24 hoursMostly anonymous payment methodVolatile and unregulated ‘currencies’

Top Online Casino Tips for Advcash online payment method

  • Take advantage of the diverse array of partners by linking many loading and withdrawal methods to your Advcash account.
  • Always keep your passwords and other verification codes safe both online and within your living or working space.
  • Take note of the withdrawal and depositing times supported by different online casinos – as these vary.
  • This is a tip that is more      in line with responsible gambling in online casinos in general.  Never have more money than you intend to use for gaming in your online casino. Stay within your set limits.


It is, without a doubt, to see why Advcash casinos are gaining popularity and this payment method is the way to go.  Packing unlimited features, all aimed towards enabling Canadian gamblers to enjoy their experiences at online casinos, it is no surprise that gamblers will find Advcash impressive.

It is also impressive to see how much cost-efficient it is to own and use Advcash as your payment method for all casino matters. Everything from deposits to withdrawals and bonuses is done in real-time, fast, and free.

Expert’s Comment

After in-depth research and after weeks of analyzing other payment solutions, our team at casinolist.bet and I think that Advcash is a really helpful payment solution for Canadian casino lovers. The wide array of available games to play, security and privacy also were key determinants we took into consideration while making this decision.

The number of currencies also available to this payment platform was also appealing and was crucial to deciding that this is a reliable platform accessible to anyone.

Advcash Casinos FAQ – main Questions and Answers

Can I use Advcash to withdraw casino winnings?

Yes, you can. In fact, this is one of the more popular usages of the platform. When you are working with Casinos that accept Advcash, all you have to do is link your Advcash account with your online casino’s profile. Then all you have to do when you strike it lucky is to select Advcash as your preferred withdrawal methods. Then, all your casino winnings will be transferred to you.

Is the Advcash payment method trustworthy?

Advcash, as a platform, and its parent company Advanced Cash Limited, have been renowned entities in the e-commerce industry for more than 20 years. During this time, the brand’s reputation has remained stellar and untarnished. It is one of the most trusted global brands when it comes to online casino payments.

Can I use chargeback with Advcash?

You can reverse transactions between certain payment methods. They include major bank cards and bank transfers – and your Advcash account. However, these might take time and attract some fees depending on the nature of the transaction. The support staff will always advise you on how to proceed. 

Is Advcash Mobile Friendly?

Indeed it is. As a modern payment platform, with the aim of creating a convenient user experience for its clients and partners, the platform can be accessed safely from a wide array of digital devices. Whether you are on a PC, smartphone, or tablet browser, you can securely access your account and transact while on the move.

Are there any fees when using Advcash?

There are some small fees charged for loading and withdrawing funds between your Advcash account and partner payment methods like bank transfers and credit card providers. It is, however, free to transfer funds between two (or more) Advcash accounts. All in-platform transfers are free. Where fees apply, they are much more affordable than those charged by most other major competing services.

Do I need to register an account with Advcash to use it?

Yes, you do. This is to ensure that all transactions handled on the platform are safe and secure and to avoid issues like money laundering and fraud. When all members are registered, you can trust that the payment system is safe.